Troubleshooting URL Webhook

Hi, I was trying to use my app after being on vacation for a while, and something seems to have broken down during that time. When I call the webhook URL now, nothing seems to be happening (checked all the info in the app, everything seems to be in order). Tried refreshing the webhooks (unsubscribe, re-subscribe), but still no go. Is there any easy way of testing the webhook url / app connection, just so I can rule this out as the source of the problem? Thanks.

Hey @Msh :wave:

That sounds quite odd. I would try ruling this out by simply sending a POST request to your webhook endpoint, for example, via Postman, and seeing if that has any effect on the integration.

Otherwise, I’ve just sent you a DM asking for a few more details. If you could respond to us via the email provided in the DM, that would be amazing and would help our team communicate as efficiently as possible :slight_smile: