Troubleshooting Webhook Integration Issues with Mirrored Fields

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working on using webhooks with a mirror and I’m encountering some difficulties. I have two boards, Test1 and Test2, and I’ve set up a mirrored field called “Status_Mirror” on Test1, which mirrors the “Status” field on Test2.

I’ve also set up an integration that sends a webhook when any column changes. However, when I change the status in Test2 or the Status_Mirror in Test1, it doesn’t send a payload to my webhook. It only works when I change a non-mirrored column.

I’m trying to avoid having to create three columns per board that I want to mirror and use the data from. My idea was to use the webhook to handle the moving of items to different groups. Currently, I need to link all the boards, have a link column, a mirror column, and a trigger column, just to move an item based on the mirror column’s status (which is echoed to the trigger column and the automation is done from there).

If anyone has any knowledge or can offer any help, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m hoping to get an update to my webhook when the mirror status changes, so I can have much cleaner boards to work with. Thank you in advance!

hi @choltagi

I’m afraid that is indeed the intended behavior. When the original column changes a webhook on the board where that column resides will trigger. When you mirror that column to another board no webhook will be fired on that board. This is because the mirror column is a frontend implementation.

You have to find a workaround (like the one you describe) in your board setup.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question @basdebruin. Your explanation about the intended behavior of the feature was very helpful, and your knowledge and support are greatly appreciated.

While the answer wasn’t what I was hoping for, I do understand the limitations of the mirrored field and the webhook functionality in the way I am trying to do it. I think I will try and proceed with setting up a watcher on the original column and modifying the other boards when the column changes.