Turn off notifications from items we're subscribed to

Currently we use the board for creating and tracking work incidents (data issues, password resets etc), there are several of us creating tickets in a first line support way but each ticket auto-subscribes us, is there any way to turn this off?

We’re getting lots of notifications of calls we created but the calls we actually own get lost because of this.

Hi @Eisbaer99 have you turned off those notifications in your “My Profile?” If you want to hop on a 15-min call, I can walk you through that or try to find out what else is triggering that pesky automation. Here’s my calendar.

Hi @Eisbaer99 !

Thanks for writing in!

As @JulieLucidDay mentioned, you can turn off the notifications that let you know someone has written an update on something you’re subscribed to. Take a look here

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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