Turn Off Pop-up in Public View of Dashboard

When I share a public view of a dashboard and/or embed the public view for others to see, there’s a blue pop-up that says “Add widgets to this view. Visualize your board using charts, timelines and more. Got it.”

How can I remove this pop-up? It shows every time anyone access the public view of the dashboard, regardless of whether they have the access to any tools that would allow them to add widgets to this view.

@basdebruin any insights?

@basdebruin @BiancaT @Julietteb @JCorrell your insights are appreciated here.


I doubt that it is monday’s intent that this should appear every time for a public view. I would consider this a bug. In any case, it will most likely require a change on monday’s side.

Jim - The Monday Man


Hey @RoxanneR,

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my end I am afraid, so this likely appears to be a bug :frowning: Before referring you to support, I did just want to be sure I was understanding exactly the set-up. To confirm is this a shared view of a board view dashboard? Can you try this in an incognito window for me?

Thank you :pray:

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I tried it in an incognito window and had the same result. I will appreciate a referral to the support team.

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Sorry for the double work here @RoxanneR! Keep me updated on how this progresses :pray: