Tutorial Board in templates

I have been requested to create a tutorial for new members and existing to grasp the basic functions of monday.com.
I have done so and am using the duplicate board to use it but I still think it’s rough around the edges and not nearly comprehensive enough. I tried playing with groups, pulses, updates and comment but I had a few problems on the duplication since comments are transformed to upddates and go up on the update column, sop the person would have to read from the bottom up but I managed to correct it later.

My request is: how cool would it be to have in the templates available a “monday tutorial” option, made by you who know monday inside and out? I am always amazed by the boards you guys make for the webinars and am striving to get there but a helping hand to those newbies would be awesome.

There’s a really good Monday Onboarding template in the stories section. I used that and added to it for our Monday Team. Everyone had a column and marked each pulse as done once they were comfortable using the specific Monday feature.


I think you mean this template by Monday’s Julia Fagelman. Very helpful indeed. Thanks for making me aware and thanks to @Julia-monday.com for creating it!


Beat me to it @Foobart!!! :dizzy:

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that’s the one! hard to multi-task while walking and using my mobile :rofl:


That template is very cool I already added it to my team! Thanks ppl!

It is not how I was requested to make though. I was looking for something more interactive, not a list of the relevant articles. I do believe that the articles and videos monday makes are awesome and very to the point but I do know that when I show this to some people on my team they will be like “I’m not gonna go throught all of those links”.

I’ll figure it out, this template gives me a base list to work on. If I progress on this topic, I’ll share with you all what I’ve made.

Thanks for the rapid responses!