Two biggest flows of

Hi there,

Let me start by saying that we really enjoy using Monday in our business. It has come in handy in many aspects of our day to day operations. More and more departments are now using it to better their workflow.

Two negative feedbacks I get all the time from the people in our organisation about Monday are that :

  • It’s not possible to automatically delete duplicates
  • It’s not possible for the responders to edit their responses to a form.

Our teams tried different approach to tackle the latter by integrating third party forms that allow editing (JOTform, Google Forms)… though it always comes back to the same issue : when the third party form is updated, instead of updating the original item, it must create a new item.

We really hope that this feature gets implemented natively into’s forms. This feature should also be able to detect if the submission already exist (if the email address is already in the board for example).

This feature can already be achieved with airtables and miniextension (miniExtensions Form to Edit and Create Airtable Records). It would be nice for to do it as well.

Hi, @Alexis - Welcome to the community! Some people are using Integromat to automatically look for duplicates when a new item is created, and remove them.

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