Two-way link on existing connected board

Hi, I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer to this unfortunately. I have a board with many rows, and a linked column that was created long ago. This was before a two-way link was possible.
Is there a way to now add the two-way link so that I can see the referenced items in the original board, without having to make all the links again? (it’s like 2000 records)



The short answer to your question is no. Currently two-way links must be created in one shot, by setting the two-way link checkbox when creating the connect boards column.

However, once created, it’s pretty easy to copy the links using the API with Integromat or a quick custom program.

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Thanks for that. How “pretty easy” is that to do, since I don’t actually have experience using the API or something like Integromat… Can I do it myself (I do understand some coding, etc, but it’s nowhere near my day job :slight_smile: )


Yes, you can do it. If you create a Integromat account using my affiliate link, (it doesn’t cost you anything) I’ll walk you through it. For 2000 records it will take 4000 operations. So, you’ll have to buy 1 month. So it would cost $10.