Two-way linked with 'Link To Item' column (potential subtask solution)

Hi all,

I wanted to share an idea I have been thinking about a while now. Many time working with the Link To Item (LTI) column I find myself wanting this new feature:

The Two-way linked Link To Column(s). Whenever I link an issue (pulse) via the LTI in one board, it should be connected vice versa from the other board via a LTI column.

So when I create a board (in our case a User Story board) I would love to divide the User Stories into subtasks. Creating a LTI column and select the subtask board (in our case the Backlog board) I could directly create my subtasks from the User Story board into my Backlog board, Being the subtasks straight away connected to the right User Story.

Hope this makes sense!


HI @Eltjo! We’ve gotten this feedback actually from other users as well and have passed this to our team to consider implementing - stay tuned on this one! Cheers!

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YES! This is something that is much needed!

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Hi @lauraglev , happy to hear that it is taken in consideration! When the beta is released please let me know, i am happy to test and provide feedback. All the best, Eltjo