Two-way mirror columns connections (visibility and connection issues)

We’re trying to utilize a two-way mirror from multiple sub boards (Recruiter Boards) inking to 2 Client boards (Master) within a single column on each master board.

However, doing so will cause visibility issues, to make this fully sufficient the team would have to gain access to all boards that are being linked within a two-way mirror.

More specifically
We have created a Recruiter Pipeline (Connecting all the recruiter boards to it) and connecting it to the Meta Board (Connected to all Client Boards) This however is causing huge issues with visibility and pulling information across the system has been an issue, and we are frequently getting errors

Please take a look at our existing build. We have additional submitted information to the help support, but have not received any helpful answers.

We are looking for a 2 way connection board with Mirrors in a Multi Connect way. This would help ANY Recruiter connect their candidate to ANY job from Any of our Clients and Pull the information across channel

We’ve noticed a match feature, but can we use the match feature to connect ‘connect’ columns.

Please let me know what you think

Hey there! So sorry for the late reply!

Hopefully, these issues are resolved now but if not, can you send us a message at We’d love to look into this together!