Type inconsistency of Number field


I was using the 2023-07 API version, the type of the number field was “numeric”, then when I upgraded to the 2023-10 version, this time it started to appear as “numbers”. There is nothing in the API changelog about when this situation changed. Can you clarify this situation?

(Also, when I examine my previous user records, it appears that the numeric field used to contain numbers (2020, 2021…))


hi @sseffa

Welcome to the community. All changes for 2023-10 version of the API are well documented (but sometimes hard to fine). The columnType is now an enum and the available options are listed here https://developer.monday.com/api-reference/docs/other-types#column-type

Hi, thank you for your quick reply.

numeric → number
person → people
color → status

I saw that these fields have changed, but are their changes not included in the 2023-10 API changes? Am I wrong?

It is documented (e.g. Migration guide - 2023-10) but I agree that those changes are sometimes hard to find.

The 2023-10 API version has a lot of (breaking) changes and this is a good start to read about them Migration guide - 2023-10

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The change in column types from strings to ColumnType enum was documented here: Release notes

Clicking through columns takes you to this page: Breaking change: Type change for `type` field/argument on `columns` queries

Input value was the column type string used when creating columns, output value was the value used when querying a column type. The new enum in 2023-10 is used for both purposes.

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