Unable to get activity in the Emails & Activities section of a contact


I have the following problem:

I can create an activity for a Phone Call by doing this:

  "query": "mutation { create_item (board_id: 1170030229, item_name: \"Call answered  from John Smith", column_values: \"{\\\"activity_owner\\\":\\\"user-email@test.com\\\",\\\"activity_type\\\":\\\"Phone call\\\",\\\"activity_status\\\":\\\"Done\\\", \\\"activity_start_time\\\":{\\\"date\\\":\\\"2023-02-23\\\", \\\"time\\\":\\\"21:43:00\\\"}, \\\"activity_end_time\\\":{\\\"date\\\":\\\"2023-02-23\\\", \\\"time\\\":\\\"21:45:00\\\"}, \\\"activity_item\\\":{\\\"linkedPulseIds\\\":[ {\\\"linkedPulseId\\\":<ContactId>}]}  }\") { id }}"

The activity is created, I can see it in the board activities and all is well.

But the problem goes when I go to the Emails & Activities section of my contact. The newly created activity appears nowhere there.

Nonetheless if I create an identical activity in there ( the Emails & Activities section of my contact), this WILL appear in the activity board.

Why is this behaving differently? What do I need to do in order to make the activity that I create through the API appear as well in this section?

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Hello there @DevIntegrations,

I will check this with the team in charge of Email and Activities and let you know what they say!


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I noticed the same behavior when trying out this feature. Since this is a recent thread, I wanted to highlight some issues I’ve noticed.

In general, it appears as if changes to the Activites board do not sync back to the widget. For example, if I add an activity or even just change the time of one, these changes do not sync back.

This causes the Activities board to become out of sync. If it’s not possible to manage activites in this way, it probably should not be possbile to edit this board?

I’m also curious about how to manage activities via API, as per the original topic. Since there don’t appear to be any automations to do this, I would’ve also assumed you could do it by manipulating the board. But even then—the description field is not visible on the board, so I don’t know how that’d work.

In summary:

  • Are changes from boards supposed to sync back to the activities widget?
  • How can we view (and manage) activity descriptions from the activities board?
  • If none of these are possible, how can we manage activities programmatically?

Update: I had another look at this, by inspecting the API calls when using the Emails and Activities app as well as looking at the integrations/automations for the activities board. Simply put: The Emails and Activities app uses a (private?) REST API to query and store data, and the updates to the Activities board are simply part of an automation that adds, but does not sync stuff to that board.

Honestly, a bit disappointing and weird that Monday.com would not build this app on top of their own API (GraphQL) and data model (boards)—but develop a separate app. I’m wondering if/when the API for Emails and Activities will be made accessible? It seems a bit MVP at the moment.

Hello everyone,

I am checking with the team in charge of this app since I am not super familiar with the inner workings of it.

I will let you know as soon as I hear back!


Hello again,

I heard back from our team.

We have plans to enable E&A API but not this will happen in the future. We do not have an ETA right now.

As of today, any changes on the board do not sync to Emails and Activities.

You can’t manage activities through the board and you can’t manage activities programmatically either.

When we implement the API for Emails and Activities, it will be announced in our changelog.

Let me know if you have any questions!