Unable to properly add a 'columns' field to view setting for dashboard widget


I’m making a dashboard widget for the Lessonly developers badge. I’m trying to add a setting that lets the user select which column they want the widget to read from.

I’ve created a board with a locations column (EDIT: the pictured board is called Widget Test):
And I’ve added a columns field to the view settings, the configuration (don’t think its important but I’ll picture it just in case):

Yet, when I go to preview the settings display this:
Which I don’t understand, since the board has a locations column, and the view setting accepts Location as its column type. Anyway, if I click the Add Column → Add to Board, nothing happens, and my console displays this error message (similarly unsure if it is relevant):

I’d be grateful for any assistance, thanks.

Hello @SamM and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

When in “Edit mode”, have you selected a board by clicking on the “Boards” button that is to the left and a little below the “Edit mode” button?

Hello Matias,

I’ve added boards via the button you described, though I’ve always done it in preview mode since the button is visible in that mode. I tried removing all boards than adding them while in edit mode, but I still had the same message as in the 3rd image I linked.

What’s strange to me is that since this post I tried promoting a build to live and adding the widget I’d made to a dashboard, and the live widget works just fine.

Hello again @SamM,

Are you saying that in the configuration you still do not see the widget as intended but when adding it to a dashboard, the widget works as designed?

Yes, I get a “no relevant columns found in this board” in the preview, and when I add it to a dashboard I am able to select a location column.

Hello again @SamM !

Would you be able to send us an email to appsupport@monday.com with a screen recording of the whole process so we can take a closer look?