Unable to retrieve updated item status once board item is no longer active

When using the Graph API to retrieve all items from a board, you can only retrieve active board items unless you specify the id’s of each item. When doing a data extraction for downstream systems, we want to pull the latest information each time, as such don’t want to specify the id’s in the graph query, but page through all items instead. However the ‘exclude_nonactive’ setting only works when you specify id’s, therefore once you have something extracted you can’t use the same method to get a status update on a board item.

After back and forth with support, the issue has been added to the ‘bugs’ backlog as its not an easy fix. Therefore the only way when using the graph and paging through the board items, that we can work out if something has been deleted or not is by using the ‘activity_log’ with the event “delete_pulse” and seeing if we have a matching pulse_id for the given board item_id.

Utilizing webhooks is not an option as we will need to add them to each board manually instead of a global webhook which would allow us to capture all events from all boards.

I can’t be the only user of the graph which has had this issue. Is there an alternate way to get the ‘status’ of a board item easily?

Hi @jon-dataengineers,

Thanks for writing in. Until this improvement makes it out our backlog, I believe the current workaround is your best bet to get a status on board items. When we do implement this fix, we’ll be sure to let this community know!