Unable to upload my build file to Monday.com


I have a question as I encountered a problem after creating my application on Monday.com when trying to create a new build to install the application for a client from their Developer Workspace. I executed “npm run build” and “npm run-script build”, the build folder was created successfully. I then navigated inside and zipped its contents into a single .zip file. However, when trying to upload it to Monday.com, I receive the error message “Failed to download new app feature option”.

Here are the details of my code (provided just in case): It’s a feature of type object, deployed across 3 JavaScript files: “App.js”, “Function.js”, “HTMLRender.js”, located in the src folder at the root, along with the rest of the basic files created by Node and some backup JavaScript files that are not linked to the rest (just for decoration at the moment). I created Function.js to simplify my App.js, while HTMLRender.js consists of 13 lines and serves to establish a connection between the other two files. I haven’t modified the Node.js configuration.

I started coding the feature, which I linked to an app in another Monday.com workspace, and it was working relatively fine with “http://localhost:8301” to establish the connection between the Monday workspace and my code. Then I transferred it to the client’s workspace. “http://localhost:8301” still works, but I’m unable to do so with build.zip.

I hope you could advise or assist me. Thank you in advance for your response.

Kind regards,
Delépine Tom

Hello there @TomDel,

Do you have an index.html file in the source of your .zip file?

If not, you need to add one, since that is where monday will look for the HTML to display.

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile: