Unbearably slow loading for sharable boards

Hello, my team and I are experiencing unbearably slow loading times when viewing sharable boards through a web browser.

We have tested this issue on a number of our boards (with varying complexity, columns etc) and various internet connections in multiple locations, and are finding the broadcast view takes on average 15-20 seconds to load.

My current internet connection is 522Mbps. I’m using a board with 6 columns, embedded into a webpage. The sharable board view is taking 17 seconds to load.

When looking into the issue, the browser seems to be waiting on:


I have found these slow speeds persist both through the embedded code (on our website) and also through the sharable link (which I believe would be a more accurate measure of Monday’s servers?) The webpage loads in lighting speed, but waits on the embedded content for around 17 seconds.

Our clients use these sharable views and have noticed the slow loading times. Very keen to fix this asap as our client’s experience depends on lighting fast loading times.

Thanks for your advice

Apologies, because some of the content above didn’t display correctly.

The slow elements that the webpage seem to be waiting on are: