Unexpected behavior of items by column values request

Hi! I have a board called Hotels. The items of this board have next columns: ID(generated by the monday automatically), code(hotel code from external API) and some others. Also items splitted into two groups: favourite and banned.
I need to implement a mechanism of adding/moving the hotel to favourite/banned list. Because I didn’t find any update item or move to other group request, I decided to implement it in next way: So first of all, using the find item by column values monday api request, I checking if the hotel with given code exists and if It is - I’m using delete item by id monday api request and then I send the create item request, that creates the hotel item in the group that needed. But I met an unexpected behavior of the find items by column values request - sometimes it returns back elements, that was deleted previously and we have the situation, when the old record can’t be deleted and the new one creates - we receive the two equal hotel items in both favourite and banned groups. Can you please give an advise of how to deal with it?

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What is the trigger here?

About the issue you have, it might be related to this. Please consider adding a time out to avoid it (I recommend using 90 seconds just in case).