Unhiding Boards from "My Week" Bugged

Hi, I’m not entirely certain where this goes, but my problem is three-fold:

Number one I would like to unhide a series of boards that I seem to have inadvertently hidden from my Monday.com “My Week” section while trying to hide completed items. The current Unhide button appears to be bugged and nothing changes whenever I click it. This makes maintaining “My Week” as a personal todo list very frustrating, when I’ve hidden half my boards :frowning:

In addition to this I would like to ask for the ability to hide individual tasks/items from the My Week page or the ability for the “Previous Weeks” section to remain collapsed persistently, rather than having to re-collapse it every time I navigate away from the section (or, even preferably still, just hide the “Previous Weeks” and “Earlier this week” tabs entirely so I have those lines available for extra task/todo list space

Hi there, I will follow up on this issue with you via email :slight_smile:

Let us know if there is anything else that you need in the meantime!