Unified boards list

Soon I would like to work on a transformation into the uniformed boards list. After looking at the Monday.labs I found that there’s a prevention on the unified list as wel. What does the prevention mean? Could it mean that the unified list maybe disappears when there’s not enough animo for it? In that case I am not going into the transfer because since it’s quite a lot of work and it has a big impact on the internal work processes.


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Hey Eltjo, we are running an a/b test with the new uniformed boards list and you have been added to it as a tester. if you’d like to go back to the original version and not be part of the test anymore, you can simply click on “activate prevent unified boards list”.
It will just move you back to the old panel version and will not affect your boards in anyway.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it does a bit because whats the difference between activating ‘prevent unified boards’ and ‘deactivate unified boards’. It would do the same right? Anyhow, we decided today that we will work from now on with the unified board list :grin: I think its an improvement and something to iterate on. For example in the future being able to invite teams, multiple users and guests to folders and being able to create subfolders maybe.
Well done!