Unique default avatars

As a project manager, I often invite guests into our projects. Many guests don’t bother to upload an image of their face. This means it can be hard to tell who is who in the Person column.

In the example below, there are 2 different guests assigned to the item… and it’s hard to know who’s who.


FEATURE SUGGESTION: Automatically assign a different avatar image to each person who does not upload na image. E.g. This could be their initials, with a randomly assigned different colour for each person.

Hi @TheOtherPM

Thanks for writing in with your suggestion to have each user be automatically assigned a unique user avatar. I can definitely hear where you’re coming from and I’ve gone ahead and passed this feedback to our team for them to review and consider for future updates.

I’d be happy to advocate for this on my behalf as this would be really helpful addition that could benefit many teams using our platform :slight_smile:



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