Unlimited Subitems for monday.com has relaunched!

It’s an exciting day for monday.com user, as we’re proud to officially announce the relaunch of Unlimited Subitems!

Unlimited Subitems enables all monday.com users, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, to structure your boards the way you want, breaking down your work into as many levels as you need.

Save time and avoid workarounds by tracking multiple assignees, statuses and timeframes from a single monday.com subtask.

Following the recent features release, which included improved column views, new display themes and enhanced nested item views, you can now enjoy additional new features as part of the relaunched version of the app, including:

  1. Being able to use the monday.com native ‘Update feature’ with all child subitems. Meaning you can now keep all conversations about a specific child subitem in the same place and context.
  2. When assigning a task to someone on your board, your assignee’s Icon (i.e., their profile picture) will now show in the ‘People’ column instead of just the user’s name. Not only is this latest update more in line with the native monday.com board structure, but also gives your subitems a more human and personable feel, and allows project leads and team members to quickly see, at a glance, who has been assigned to each individual task.
  3. All subitems created with Unlimited Subitems will be stored in a new board that the app will automatically create. So they will no longer interfere with the reports in your native monday.com board.

Whether you’re using monday.com for real-time team collaboration or asynchronous project management, we’re confident these new features for Unlimited Subitems will help keep all those tasks organised and well-managed.

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