Unrecognized property [cells] in content


I’m trying to create a new table with some content using document blocks API using the following graphql:

let query = `mutation {  create_doc_block (type: table, doc_id: 7546153, content: \"{\\\"row_count\\\":2,\\\"column_count\\\":2,\\\"alignment\\\":\\\"left\\\",\\\"direction\\\":\\\"ltr\\\",\\\"cells\\\":[[{\\\"blockId\\\":\\\"4f45589c-53be-4064-9d2e-bce4dae77fdf\\\"}]]}\") { id }}`;

But when I send it to monday I receive the following error:

unrecognized property [cells] in content

Could you guys help me on this?

Thank you!

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Hello there @marcelo1,

What are you trying to achieve?

How should this table look like after creation?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey @Matias.Monday

The table should be like this:

I could create this table but I would like to insert some content on that.

Could I answer your question?

Hello again,

After creating a table with the 2 rows and 2 columns:

mutation{ create_doc_block(doc_id: 12345, type: table, content: "{\"column_count\":2,\"row_count\":2 }"){ content id } }

You would now get the in the response an array with all the cells IDs ordered by position.

Then you use the ID of the relevant cell:

mutation{ create_doc_block(parent_block_id: "71cd3sa-e6s3-4543-ds34-sfg43db5", doc_id: 12345, type: normal_text, content: "{\"alignment\":\"left\",\"direction\":\"ltr\",\"deltaFormat\":[{\"insert\":\"My text inside the cell\"}]}"){ id } }

I hope that helps!


Thanks for your response, @Matias.Monday

I’ll check this and let you know.

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Sounds good @marcelo1 !

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