Unwanted Warning Box showing up in WorkForms

This big, red, unsettling box appears in some of my WorkForms. it doesn’t appear in all of them so something must be triggering it. Does anyone know how to get rid of this:

The same alert also appears at the bottom of the form, but this one I can live with:
bottom of form

I’ve asked the same question about the big red warning box to support but their answer was this is on every form. This is not showing on all of my forms only some of them and I just would like clarity into what is triggering it.

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Hey there!

I have followed up internally and the popup will show only if suspicious questions were picked up in the form and only if the user is on trial or free tier. Do any of these reasons sound relevant here?

Thanks for the reply Bianca. We did include some links in some conditions of the form which is what I think was causing the warning. However, we are currently paying and are not on a trial or free tier.

Thanks for getting back to me :pray: If you take out those links, does the pop-up still appear? I will circle back with my team to further clarify expected behaviour!

It’s more of a warning label rather than a popup, but no, removing the links doesn’t remove the label. It’s almost like our form gets tagged with this label due to the links, but then when we remove then we’re still tagged with the label. We recreated the form without the links and did not receive the label.

Thank you for this information - I am wondering if there may have been technical fault with that original form. I have shared this with our team. That said, for the time being, are you happy to continue using the new form moving forwards to avoid this in the future? Do let me know if you require me to further investigate!