Update column value based on the result of a custom action

I’m trying to build a recipe that carries out a custom action and then can also update an item column value based on the result of that action. For example, if there is a status column value of ‘pending’ for an item and the custom action returns a 200, then I want to change that status to ‘success’. If it returns anything else, then I want to change that status to ‘error’. Is this possible?

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Yes. You can create a custom app with an integration feature. In it, you can create a custom action.

The custom action has a run URL. That run URL is an endpoint on your end that is called when the trigger is triggered. You control what happens when that endpoint is called. Meaning that you can receive the call, do something, wait to check if it returns a 200 and when it does, send an HTTP request to our server with a mutation to change that status column. All of that can be in your script when that endpoint is called.

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Thanks for your reply! I was thinking about this but couldn’t figure out how the authentication would be done in this case. I see now the part in the docs about a signing secret and a short-lived jwt token being set along with the post. How would you recommend testing this? Is there any way to see the data being posted for a particular active recipe so that I can test my API endpoint?

Actually I figured out how to test it. Thanks for your help!

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