Update column values after creating a subitem

Hey, I’m trying to update a column of a sub-row that I just created. I cannot know the column IDs beforehand, so I need to create the sub-row, and then use the response to get the column IDs and the subitem ID. When I try, I get an error that the subitem does not exist. This is the query:

board_id: XXXXX, item_id: XXXXX, column_values: “{\\“text\\”: \\“Testing API\\”}”){id}}

Important note: The query works well when I use it on a parent item. It seems that it can’t find the subitems even when I use their subitem IDs.


The Subitem is in diffrent board then the Parent Item, Make sure you have the Subitem’s Board as your Board ID.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hey JHconsultancy, thank you for replying.
This is surprising to know. I can see the sub-item under the parent item in the same board. So, according to you, after the creation of a new sub-row, I need to get the board ID of the sub-item even though I can see the sub-item in the same board as the parent ?


Yes this is the way Subitems Work in Monday.com

See Documation here

Let me know if you need further help with this.