Update editor behaving weirdly with images


Whenever I use the update editor with images, the bullet points, numbers, checklists (and pretty much all formatting options) stop functioning properly.

Issue #1: If I add an image in a list, I can’t add new bullets anymore below the image.

Issue #2: Because the editor is acting weird as soon as I upload images, the formatting is broken. I’m having trouble adding or removing line breaks. Like, I will edit the line breaks, and then when I post the update it doesn’t look at all like what I edited (extra line breaks, missing line breaks). Here’s an example:

I’ve tried several times to remove the spaces circled in red. But every time I update the update, it’s not updated. And when I edit the update, the spaces are back. It’s just weird.

Issue #3: If I want to split some text in a list, and I want to remove the checklist (or bullet), I can’t. I have to retype everything or do a special paste. I don’t find this very natural. When I hit Enter twice, instead of creating an empty bullet, I think it should remove the bullets.


You’ll notice that in the video, when I cut and paste the text, it keeps the bullet formatting (which I’m not fond of, but let’s say it’s the expected behavior). Well, when I do this after uploading an image, it doesn’t work anymore. If I cut and paste some text from a checklist, the bullet will NOT be pasted with it. So, that behavior is not consistent.

The editor is just very clunky overall. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. Behaviors are inconsistent. It makes update formatting very painful!