Update field counter where item phone_number matches

Hello, i’m new to graphQl and monday API.

i have a board , with a group called “match”.

there are a lot of columns on the match group, and i need to update one called “counter”, which is a number, by incrementing it by 1 from whatever it is, on an item where the phone_number matches a variable.

i’m used to MySql where i run an UPDATE to a row where ‘phone_number’ EQUALS ‘xxx-xxx-xxxx’ but i understand that in graphQl its different

how can i do that?

thank you in advance

Hi Yoni,

Welcome to the community!

I would suggest you create a function to retrieve the value, implement the counter, and then change the column value. For the column change, if you want to change a single column value, you can use the change_simple_column_value query. If you want to change multiple column values at a time, you can use change_multiple_column_values. Hope this helps!


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