Update for Date-field

I would like to update a date-column (add the current date with a figure (value in another column)).
The current rules allow me only to update with a fix value (X days or weeks,…):

If I use the formula column FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Datum},{Tage})) I can’t use this field any more for automation, therefore it isn’t a solution.
Could somebody please help me?
Thank you very much.
Peter Sikabonyi

Hi Peter!

Have you tried using dependency automations instead? The dependency automations allow the time between dates to be a bit more variable.

Here’s the article explaining more.

Let me know what you think! :blush:

Dear Charlotte!

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately the dependency automations allows to use only date functions.

What I want to do is quite easy and certainly most companies are confronted with validation of equipment or maintenance tasks that have to be done regularly at certain time intervals.

For example, a measuring instrument must be calibrated every 6 months. A month before the calibration date will expire the responsible person need a reminder (that works well).
The validation will be done and I would like to define a button (“validation done”) to push and update the date for the next validation automatically. The information of the time duration is in a separate column.
Element Calibration date Time interval in days Validation done
Equipment1 15. Dec. 2022 180 (Button)
Pushing the (Button) I would like to update the Calibration date (Current date + 180 days)
Unfortunately I’m not able to find a solution.

If I use a function field instead of date field it works easily, however in this case I can’t get an automatic reminder to make the validation 1 month before the task must be done. For this reason I am a bit desperate. I need such a function for a measurement validation process and also for maintenance of the machines.
I would appreciate very much if you could help me.
Thank you very much.