Update - incident on the app framework

Hi Community
We have an issue with the short lived session token that is not passing properly to the iframe of the app. A fix is on its way to production.

We apologize for the situation and are working on fixing the problem as soon as possible. :pray:t2:
I will update here as soon as I have more information regarding the status. :woman_technologist:t2:

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@TomFri How long is this going to take. We’ve been out for over 4 hours and not getting a great estimate on a fix. Also the lack of communication to customers has them pointing the finger to us. Not a great look!

Hi @baswienhoven
I was just updated that it would take about an hour to fix.
This type of incident is usually reported via the status page on monday.com. Please allow me to investigate this further.
Once again, I’m sorry about the situation and its consequences.

@TomFri Thank you for the update. I would also expect this type of issue to be communicated via a statuspage update but unfortunately all lights have been green there throughout the day and no updates.

Hi all
The incident is fixed. :pray:t2:
Please let me know if you are facing any further issues regarding that.

You’re right, and I’m checking this topic now.
As soon as I have an answer or explanation, I will update you. :pray:t2:

Hi again
The status page should have communicated the incident.
In the event of an incident on Monday.com that affects apps, we will communicate it via the status page next time (which hopefully won’t be soon).

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