Update Monday Item using Dynamic Mapping

Hi All!

I’m currently using:

  • Custom Trigger
  • Custom Action
  • Custom Field Type

The output field on the Custom Trigger is a “Dynamic Mapping” Custom Field and the input field on the Custom Action is the same “Dynamic Mapping” Custom Field.

Is there a way, either through the subscription POST request or the run url POST request to receive the mapping between the fieldIds I have defined in the Field Definitions request and the column IDs of the user’s Monday Board?


Hi @mrautomation!

To clarify: are you hoping to get the column data along with the column Ids of the specified columns in your custom field?

What is your recipe currently? What is the trigger and what is the action?

It sounds like you may be looking to utilize the subscription action itself (i.e. when a user adds the recipe to their board) to receive their board data, is that right?



Looking to get all column IDs that the user passed in to the Item Mapping UI in the payload of either the subscription POST or the run url POST.

Ahh okay.

Hmm okay the only method I can think of is if you queried for the column Ids using something returned from your trigger.

For instance, if your trigger is “When any column changes,” you can use the returned board Id to query for the columns then the column Ids for that board?

You can then post this to the your run URL for your custom action?

Moving this to our Feature Requests section as there currently is no way to see column Ids in a /subscribe POST!