Update replies auto-copying existing tags from previous messages

Whenever a user of the board replies to a posted Update, even though the original Update had several team members tagged, the reply only notifies the Update author. With projects where some discussions and replies to updates may take place extensively, while the authors, usually external stakeholders, actually expect all the originally tagged people to be aware of these while the only person notified is the original Update author.
We’ve had issues with that in a current project with a few external users where some replies simply get lost because only the original update author gets a notification of the reply existing.
Is it possible to create an automation, that would copy all the initially used personal tags, and ideally any added along the reply route/adding users participating in a discussion, so that all the originally tagged users as well as other people who have joined the discussion would get notified of a new reply, instead of just the thread owner?
Perhaps there are reply settings that may be tweaked here, and the tag copying solution seems rough, but many external users will simply not even try to tweak their settings and just having their reply pre-populated with the tags of other Users so that they are made aware of a new reply existing.

I have the same issue. Rather than an automation, my suggestion to monday.com (via the Feedback button) is to have an additional user notification setting called “Replies to a conversation I’m mentioned in”. Also, the existing “Replies to a conversation I’m a part of” is too vague, and should be updated to “Replies to a conversation I’ve participated in”