Update Shareable Link in Real Time

My team uses the Share link on a filtered view of our board to share content we’ve created that others outside Monday can click on and view the content, which they can use for sales calls/general awareness with customers. Currently, the content that appears when I go to the share URL does not update if something on the board changes. For example, if I add a new item to the board, that piece of content does not populate in the share link view. This means we have to regenerate the link every time something changes it and update it with our other teams who use it, which is quite a hassle.

My suggestion is to have the share link sync with the board in real time whenever a change is made. This would be of great benefit to my team and all other teams who refer to our shared link for reference resources.

Hmmm. My experience is that it does actually update in close to real time. Certainly with a refresh. Maybe I’m wrong. Will check it out. The whole point of sharing is to keep people updated.

I did a quick and dirty test with one of my shared boards and changes did not propagate to the shared link. Can someone out there please confirm? This has to be a bug. I know it was working last I checked.

It looks like this bug has been fixed!

Confirmed. This seems to be fixed. I make a change in the main page and a few seconds later the change propagates to the shared page. No refresh needed. :slightly_smiling_face: