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I would like to know if this is still true: Filter API by Date
That I can’t filter items based on their updated at date.

Use case: I’ll build an app to extract data from Monday and send it to a database to be used in power bi. So if it was possible to filter the items by the update at date, I would get for sure just the data that I need to create/update in the database.


I believe the referenced answer is still the case.

One suggestion would be to add the ‘newest_first: true’ attribute. While not exactly what you were looking for you should be able to achieve your goal. You’d have to update the limit and possibly paginate until you come across a data point that is before your last request.

query {
      items (newest_first: true) {
        id name updated_at

Yeah, but I guess it would not work. Let’s say I have an item that was created one year ago and has just been updated. It would not be considered by this filter newest_first. I would still need to get all items from board and test for the updated_at anyway.

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Indeed that is the case. You can not use a parameter to filter using the update date as a criteria.

Having said that, I have added your case as a vote into a request for this feature.

Let us know if you have any other questions!