Updates font is too small, think and low-contrast

The font in updates is too small, think and low-contrast

The text is very hard to read on my display. You are using a small thin grey typeface on a grey background. It should be larger, or more contrasty (black text) or you should increase the weight. I don’t have trouble reading text in Slack, or email or any of dozens of other apps I use. But it’s very uncomfortable trying to work in Monday update text is just so small, thin and poorly styled. Because of this I often compose my message in another application and then paste it into monday.

Compare Slack left; Monday right

I’ve complained before about things like lack of rich text, markdown and shortcuts for updates. People who use Monday, at least on my team, spend the vast about of them time writing and replying to updates. This is a core feature and experience of the product, and it seems you’ve not invested in this area since we signed up.

Even in help, in the sidebar “maybe these can help” you have small, thin, light blue text on white. Sorry to say it, but your designer is terrible at type and legibility. Pass this over to him or her

It looks large in the screenshot, because of Retina scaling. But on my screen it’s faint, small, and I strain to read it.


3072 x 1920 16-inch MacBook Pro