Updates in Columns

Hi, I am an absolute newbie and would love any assistance. I have just created my first board and I see that the first column of each row can open up for updates. I have set up the board and would like to be able to add updates to the first row in each column - in the same way that the first column offers. Is this possible and if so, how can I achieve this? Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

So you you want to have an update section for each column?

That is impossible. You’re only able to have updates in the first column of every row. If you want to explain what a column does or add some information attached to every column - you can do that by clicking the down arrow on the column label and select add description. Then it adds a little “i” icon to the column header - indicating you can hover on the label to see the “description”.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: