Updating Change_Column_Value: TypeError Issue

Hi - I am kinda new to GraphQL and I am trying to write a code that will update a column in my board with data from a .csv file saved to my drive. I tried running the code but get this error message:
TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

for index, row in dataframe.iterrows():
Availability = str(row[‘Availability’]).replace(",", “”)
item_id = str(row[‘ID’])
mutation = ‘’’
mutation {
change_column_value(board_id: 309020018, item_id: 309020024, column_id: “Availability”, value: "“500"”) {
‘’’ % (item_id)
result = client.execute(mutation)
print (result)

I would love any feedback that can be provided! Thanks!

Hey Angela, thanks for writing here! Welcome :slight_smile: I’ld love to know more.

Do you get the TypeError from your Python interpreter, or from our API? I’m unfamiliar with this error being thrown by our API but I’m happy to take a look.