Updating one column for all items in a board

Is anyone aware of a way to update a single column with a new value for all items in a board, with a small number of GraphQL mutations? I don’t see anything suitable in the GraphQL API without having to make N mutations, one for each item in the board, which I’d like to avoid if possible. I wonder if anyone else has hit this problem and has come up with any creative solutions (Formula columns etc)?

The create_column defaults option would be one option here, however it does not appear to work, and I see from GraphQL API: Hide columns (& general defaults) that it is recommended not to use it and “it is under revision at the moment”.

Hello @hrickards!

As of today, there is no way of updating the value for one column in all items in a board using a single call. You would have to iterate through the items in order to do that.


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