Upgrade an update to a subitem

My team is driving me crazy, but it’s not their fault.

We’re using Monday to help manage our project and codebase. Here’s a scenario:

It starts off with one issue, or a feature that needs to be added, or a feature that needs to be changed. For example, we need to add the ability to take in a 9 digit SSN and run a full credit check. I’ve done that, but now it’s discovered that the event viewer is not masking the sensitive data, as it should be.

So an update is created, but I’ve got a problem with this update. That’s a whole different code base, a whole different issue, another day, and another dollar. Yet I cannot release the new credit check feature until the sensitive data is masked.

My issue:
I’m trying very hard to keep all of these tasks organized and sane.

Enter subitems. It’s the perfect solution already in place for what I need, however the new issue is that my testers don’t know the code. As far as they know it’s the same issue, so the update goes into the original card for the full credit check feature, and before I know it I’m not looking at a card I’m looking at an index book with no sort of organization whatsoever.

I need to be the one to create the subitem, because my testers cannot distinguish the difference.
I need the updates to be organized, I am wasting a lot of time hunting for information pertaining to another module in the same ticket.

I need the ability to take my tester’s individual updates and upgrade them into a subitem.

Please. Thank you.

In general, being able to pull update as a field to automations\integrations will open up a lot of options with email because those are recieved in the update section (atleast the gmail ones)

I didn’t fully understand your issue @Shea but you should check out zapier\integromat I think you might be able to pull the updates as a field using them. Bumping this for attention.

Thanks for the response. Not exactly what I had in mind. The feature request here is a bit simpler.

I have updated my original post with some visual aids.

I’m sorry man, I work in software but the research\academic side, so I can’t understand the larger system at hand you’re trying to optimize.

Can you narrow it doesn to a specific trigger → action that you need to happen?

You see this ability doesn’t actually exist:

I would just like to be able to take an update and move it to a whole new sub item.