Upload a workdoc to file column


We have the option to manually add a monday Doc to file columns, But is it possible to connect/upload/add a Doc to a file column via the API?


Hello @Roy,

Yes! You can do that as explained here!


Hi Matias,

Thank you, but it seems to be different when it comes to monday Doc file.
How can I convert it to be type File so It can be uploaded via the API

Hello again,

I am not sure I follow.

You have a monday doc that is not part of a specific board, and you want to add that monday doc in a files column?

If so, how are you trying to do that via API?

Yes, I have a monday doc on my account that I want to add to a specific File column.
Instead of doing it manually like in the picture, I am trying to do so with the API.

In the example you sent me:

mutation {
    add_file_to_column (item_id: 1234567890, column_id: "files", file: YOUR_FILE) {

I am not sure how to upload the doc in this way. How can I send the doc inside the “file” argument? The information that I have about the doc itself is the url and the id.


Hello again @Roy,

Thank you for the confirmation!

As of today, there is no way of doing this via API.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


We’re looking to do this too - is it on the roadmap for the API?

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Thank you for your help!

Hello @PolishedGeek I do not see this in the roadmap for the near future but if this gets implemented, it will be announced in our changelog.