Upload multiple files for an update

Hi, I managed to upload a file for an update. Is it possible to upload multiple files for an update via the /v2/file endpoint?

Hi there!

Great question.

I just tested this out on my end and was not able to upload multiple photos to an update via the API call.

Either way, we do typically recommend against sending multiple API calls in one instant. This way, we can avoid any possible race conditions. It would be better to send multiple calls I think.

You are able to upload multiple files to a file column though, if that could work for you?


Hi Helen,

We are using updates for file uploads now and hope to continue using that so that comments and files are together in one place. Any chance the API will be able to support this feature in updates?

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Violet Wee


Great question!

While I can’t say for sure whether this will be implemented in the future, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our Product team so that they may take this into consideration.


Hi Helen,

Any progress with this one?