Uploading a file (only) as THE update

Hi there, so I have managed to use “add_file_to_update”, however I am looking for a function where just a picture is uploaded as the “body” of the update, so no further text.

Is this currently possible via the API? If so, could you give me the Python implementation.

The problem with the current “add_file_to_update” is that it creates a “shelf” assuming that more pictures will be added, compressing the viewability of the picture.

By way of example. The top is what I would like via API, but can only do now manually. The bottom is what happens if I use the prescribed code.

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Hi @ILJ_ABD, welcome to our community.

Great question! At this time, I’m afraid that I don’t have an exact timeline as to when uploading files to updates with our API will have the same UI as uploading files manually in the UI.

I have consulted our dev team and can let you know when they get back to me!

Thanks Helen I shall await the timeline.


Apologies for the delay here. Our developers just got back to me and let me know that at this time, they don’t yet have a firm timeline for when this will be implemented.

However, I will definitely keep you up to date and let you know when this feature has been released.