Uploading code and to Monday.com for recipes

Hi all,

I noticed that for building custom views and widgets it’s possible to uplaad your code to Monday.com and do some version control there;
For custom recipes however, I don’t believe that’s currently possible and the run URL has to be external to Monday.com. Is that correct?

Is anywhere aware of any plans to change this in the future, so the “endpoint” (run URL) can be hosted on Monday.com infrastructure. One of our customers is requesting this as they want their data to remain entirely in Monday.com



Hey @freek-gcompany,

This is correct - the reason for this is the way that the SDK is currently built out. Custom views / widgets can be uploaded to monday as it is code which will run on things like dashboards.

Custom integrations however require an external server as monday is essentially acting as a trigger to notify your app on things like a column being changed.

Right now there isn’t a way to host the endpoint on the monday.com infrastructure, however I’ll be glad to pass the feedback along. We do have a community post you can refer to in terms of best practices and authorization for widgets and views.



Thanks for your response @dsilva, crystal clear!

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