Uploading Data from CSV

Hi, I need some help with uploading data from a csv/xlsx document. I have sales data I wanted to upload in to a board. I have tried a number of way but getting stuck on one status column!

I have a location column, which I need to be status. So I have tried with no status’s created and uploaded the data but when it comes to the location is only picks up on some of the 38 different types of status. Many of them get created as Others, even though they are unique?

I have also tried with all 38 options already created in the status column, then many of the items are imported with blank status and doesn’t match up the locations!

Is there a trick to uploading data with status to make sure they are all imported correctly?

Hey @andyoungy :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with importing your data into the platform.
This sounds like a really frustrating issue!

Based on the information you’ve given us so far, it sounds like this is something we may need to take a further look in to on a 1:1 basis.
Likely we will need to see the steps you’re taking to import the data, as well as the original CSV / XLSX.

Would you be able to shoot our support team an email? You can reach them at support@monday.com.
They’ll be able to work through this with you and help get the issue resolved!



Hi @andyoungy

Just wanted to check and see if you still needed any assistance with this?

We’d be happy to help! :smile:



Hi @Dani

Thank you for checking back in. I have found a way to get it to work. It might help to know for feedback but I was able to make it recognise all the data if I made every column ‘Text’ or ‘Number’. That way everything was showing when I uploaded. It was then able to go through each column and a;; the ones I needed to be status I would change the column type to status.

It is a work around and would be great if it would all upload correctly first time but as far as this specific file goes I have now got it uploaded and working how I would expect.


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