Uploading files to an update does not seem to be working

Is anyone else able to get it working with Curl? Or PostMan?

I have been trying to upload files to a Item Update for several days now. No matter how I try it I keep getting a 500 error back from Monday. I also get a similar error in PostMan.

Here is the Curl command

curl --location --request POST ‘https://api.monday.com/v2/file
–header ‘Authorization: API_KEY’
–form ‘query=“mutation add_file($file: File!, $update_id: Int!) {add_file_to_update(update_id: $update_id, file: $file) {id}}”’
–form ‘variables=“{"update_id":1234567890}”’
–form ‘map=“{"image":"variables.file"}”’
–form ‘image=@“/Path/To/polarBear.jpg”’

  • The file path is a full path to a file.
  • The update_id is one that really exists
  • The API Key is one that works on other API requests, and is attached to an Admin.

No matter what I do I get a 500 error.
{“error_message”:“Internal server error”,“status_code”:500}

Hello @weshays and welcome to the community!

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I just recreated this in Postman and exported this cURL for you to follow:

curl --location 'https://api.monday.com/v2/file' \
--header 'Authorization: MYAPITOKEN' \
--header 'API-version: 2023-10' \
--form 'query="mutation ($file: File!) { 
 add_file_to_update (file: $file, update_id: 123456789) {id}}"' \
--form 'map="{\"image\":\"variables.file\"}
"' \
--form 'image=@"/Users/myuser/Downloads/IMG_1233.jpg"'

What happens if you do it like that instead of passing the update ID as a variable?

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Hi @Matias.Monday
Thanks for the reply. What you have still has the same problem with both giving me errors. I get a 500 error using curl, and a “400 Bad Request” using Postman. Attached is the actual commandline request with curl.

Note that I did change my personal api key before I sent this

Hello again @weshays,

I am not sure why this could be failing for you. Here it is working on my end:

Would you be able to please send us an email to appsupport@monday.com explaining the issue and mentioning this community topic so we can take a closer look from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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I just emailed appsupport@monday.com. Thanks.

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To close this out, support did help me find the issue.

The long story short… I was using an “item ID” and not an “update ID”.

After reviewing the API docs, I see where I misread it.

Thanks again for helping me look into this.

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Hello again @weshays,

I am glad we found the issue :grin:

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