URGENT: Ad-hoc Monday.com support

We recently had a Monday.com configuration built for us and we’re having non-stop issues. The boards load painfully slow, filters just randomly stop work for no reason (then start working again after 5x refreshes), and connected boards stop connecting.

Monday.com support is painfully slow, and we’re just constantly being told for all the problems “it’s with our development team.” and they we just get asked the same questions we’ve answered in multiple emails already.

They’ll probably be back to us sometime next year, but in the interim we can’t just sit here in limbo.

I was wondering if there was a Monday.com expert who we could spend an hour or two with on the phone to run through our setup with, and they could make recommendations if something isn’t set up correct.

Please email jake@emroy.com.au if this is something you do and your price. Also let me know the earliest you are available for that call.

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Hi @JakeT

I have just sent you an email.

Kind regards,
Cleopatra Luneburg

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