URGENT | Some boards show up on the UI, but are not in the response from API

Hi, everyone!
So, I was querying the boards from our work account and I noticed that some boards are not showing up through the API although they exist and can be accessed through the UI. Yes, I am using pagination.
I already specified the IDs from these boards in the query, but even like that the boards won’t show up. It’s like they don’t exist. Anyone know why this could be happening? Those boards where created by duplicating existing boards manually, could this have some impact?

Include the limit argument in the query. The value of the limit can be equal to or greater than the number of boards you are trying to query

I am already using the limit parameter. This is my query:

What about when you remove the page parameter?

It also doesn’t work, I already tried just using this for example, but it doesn’t work with those specific boards:

boards (ids: 12345678) {

Have you tried

boards (ids: [123, 456], limit: 1000) {

This by default will only return up to 25 boards

Tried right now, same problem goes on

I know, but in this case i was just querying one ID

Might be a bug then. Contact app support at appsupport@monday.com

For those with a similar issue, I discovered something that really needs to be called out in the API docs. Depending on which user account created your API token, you may not get objects returned in the API, even if the user account that created it was an admin account that you may think should have access everything. Objects will only be returned if that person’s account has been explicitly granted access to it on the website.

Our organization makes a lot of use of private workspaces and private boards, and we regularly pull data out of monday.com for reporting purposes. The person who created this process for pulling data no longer works here and so their account wasn’t being included on newly created private boards, and we were very confused as to why we weren’t seeing the new boards in the API. All we had to do was create a new API token under a different account that has access to everything we want to pull.

You can figure out which monday.com account is associated to your API token by going to jwt.io, pasting your token in, and looking at the right side for the ‘uid’ claim. Take that id number and go to your_org_here.monday.com/users/uid_claim_here to see which account owns it.

Hello everyone!

Using the API with a user’s key will give you access to whatever that user has access to.

Admins not necessarily have access to everything in the account since as you mention, there are private boards for example which the admin needs to be invited to see.

We recommend creating a “dummy user” with a dummy email and give that user access to everything if you want to use that user’s API key to retrieve any information in the account.

I hope that helps!