Use an online document as a file like a figma or miro file

I want to add an online figma or miro file as a file in the files column, the files columns could be extended to include all types of files including online only files in online tools

Hey @islem,

That’s a great question!

At this time, I can only suggest adding the links to the Link column, or using the Miro app, in cases when you are working with Miro boards within

It’s a great suggestion, though :slight_smile:


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Yes, for now I’m using it as a link but it would be very practical to have only one column with all the files and links to files online (with a file icon) .
The solution is simple, just adding the possibility to add a link in the files column in addition to upload files and google drive/onedrive/dropbox/box files and monday docs.

To the best of my knowledge the file column does support OneDrive / SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive. Or are you looking for something else?

I want to add online documents like figma or miro

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