[Use Case] Revolutionize hiring with AI Copilot - No more time-consuming application forms

[Use Case] Revolutionize hiring with AI Copilot - No more time-consuming application forms.

Using AI Copilot you will be able to go through all the applicants CVs without having to read them one by one.

You will be able to:

  • Extracts data from resumes and CVs

  • Reflect the results on the boards columns.

  • Summarize the applicants CVs

  • Matching the CVs with job title to screen without reading it.

Multiple integrations triggers are supported:

  • When new item/applicant is create by form, …

  • When file/CV is uploaded, …

  • When status is changed,…

and more…

AI Copilot: Single AI App for everything, you don’t need to add single app for single purpose to your account from your marketplace, you can use AI Copilot for everything:

  • Parsing CVs.

  • Parsing Invoices and reports.

  • Summarize PDF files.

  • Extract text from images.

  • Extract text from files.

  • Generate text and articles.

  • Translate texts.

  • Grammer correction.

  • Summarize text.

  • Make text longer.

  • Create items.

  • Generate items updates.

and more cases …

Secure Monday Marketplace Link: monday.com: Apps Marketplace
Complete guide: https://youtu.be/5vXCtPcgZy4

For me, that sounds like a game-changer for the hiring process! Using AI to handle the initial CV screening could save a ton of time, especially for busy recruiters. Being able to extract data, summarize CVs, and match them to job titles automatically is pretty impressive.
If you’re looking for more ways to streamline your hiring process, you might want to check out huntly ai. It’s a recruiting platform that offers a range of features to help you find the right candidates efficiently. They might have some useful tools to complement what AI Copilot has to offer.

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Thanks for your reply, next few days we will add new automatons that will allow customers from customize more than single output column ex. save {name}, {email} and {phone} each of them is a separated field contains a specific info.