Use Forms to View and Edit as well as Create

Forms are good for creating items, and hopefully this year forms will continue to improve to support more (all?) column types.

It would be great to be able to use forms to view, and also edit, existing items.

For example, we currently have a form set up to allow new employees to create their records for HR purposes. This information is added to an HR board, which is then maintained by the HR manager who adds more details to various additional columns in that board.

When it comes time for prompting an employee to update some of their information (eg. provide details of their new driver’s licence), it is managed via email and then manually updated by the manager.

This workflow could be better managed if we could use a form that is sent to the employee, which just shows selected fields (columns) with their existing information, that could then be updated and submitted.

As an extension of this concept, being able to use a form to view, and step through, all items in a board, and update any records, could potentially improve the UX for users on mobile devices. (This may be implemented in a similar manner to the way that forms work within MSExcel - yes, they are there, but hidden within the menu.)

If this also incorporated filters and customised named forms, then it could be a very powerful feature.

I agree. This would be extremely useful. I would also like the ability to output forms as PDF and workflow via a digital signature platform.

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there is any consideration for this request to include in the dynamic roadmap?

this could be a powerful feature for multipurposes, and as @IanFury says including digital signatures would be awesome!



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I love this suggestion! I’m not sure if it’s on our roadmap but I will check with and see if not if he can suggest this to the domain looking after board views including forms.

In the meantime, one thing did spring to mind which was the forms viewer app although this just allows you to see the form responses in the form view itself but there isn’t the way to make edits from inside the form. Maybe your suggestion could be something added to this app if not the form view itself! I will pass the feedback along!



What is the status on updates or edits to an item via a form?