Use Mirroring With Automation

Can we get the ability to use a mirror column within the gmail integration. Or all automations/integrations. A use case would be if you have a lot of info in one board and use other boards to separate data and use the mirror columns so you don’t have to re-enter the same info over and over. It would be great to have the ability to create an update whenever an email comes from “this email” column ( which is a mirrored column) that way you don’t have to go to two separate boards and having a ton of info on boards that aren’t relevant.


Hi Adam!

Lisa here from the team :slight_smile: My product team is currently looking at ways to support the mirror column within the integrations/ automations. To be transparent, this feature enhancement is pretty labor intensive, but I’ll be sure to ping the team on the importance.



We’d really love that functionality too. Our use case is that we keep data on more than 80 subcontractors across 13 boards. On all boards we have two groups: ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’. On the main overview board we use a status column to identify if a subcontractor is Active or Inactive and then an automation to move them between groups.

We then mirror this status column to the other 13 boards, but unfortunately can’t use the same automation on those boards. Ideally, we’d love to change a subcontractor to Inactive on the Overview board and have them shifted to the Inactive groups on all 13 boards.