Use Mirroring With Automation

Hey @fakof14! With my previous suggestion, the Gmail integration recipe would still be used to send out the many emails from the source board rather than the board that is mirroring from the source board.

If you are mirroring a status column from Board 1 in Board 2, then you would set up the Gmail integration recipe on Board 1. Using the Mirror Column, you can actually change the status of an item in Board 1 directly from Board 2 in order to trigger the Gmail integration (from Board 1).

This would save your team from having to send out hundreds of emails manually!

Yes this is possible! But my problem is that I need to send emails to a mirrored person column

This feature would be so incredibly helpful! Without it, it makes Mirrored fields so limited. I’m pushing hard for our company to start using, but limitations like this create challenges. Would be great if this could be escalated on the Dev team’s roadmap.

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Agreed, this is a very needed function